These programs provide users with an idea of how our programs look and feel.

To access a program, you will be prompted to register as a user.

Once you have done that, when you attempt to access the program, you will be prompted for an "enrolment key". The enrolment key is "demo"

Sample Induction

This induction course is a sample to give you an idea of what you/we might be able to develop for your company and how your employees or contractors might experience the induction.  In order to complete the induction. You will need to set yourself up as a user (top right hand corner of screen) or via this link . For any questions please contact Julie at

How to develop and deliver cost-effective online inductions

This course is FREE for now!  Register now for free access. Learn how to develop online inductions.  The enrolment key is "demo"

Free Workplace Safety Awareness Courses on Various Topics

On this course page we have a number of TED courses that you can complete for free. Topics include

  • Manual Handling
  • Posture
  • Depression
  • Radiation
  • Using Sun Screen

Individuals can complete these courses for free, if an organisation would like reports of completions from their organisation, contact for a quote.

Free Resources for Trainers and Presenters

Free resources are added to this page regularly. Templates, guides,  links.