The Art of Presenting

Do you find the thought of speaking to groups of people overwhelming?

In meetings are you the last person to speak up?

When you do make a presentation do people listen and take action?

Some of us can speak publicly but can't craft great content and some of us can create great content but we just cannot speak in front of a group of people.   

When it comes to creating and delivering a great presentation most of us have no idea where to start.  Whether you are making a presentation at a company meeting, speaking at a conference, delivering a lecture, making a toast at a friend's wedding or delivering a eulogy at a loved one's funeral it matters what you say and how you say it.  

The Art of Presenting is the course to help you understand how you need to craft a presentation for the greatest impact. We delve into understanding your audience, developing goals for your presentation, the best structure for a presentation and some tips on grabbing your audience's attention and making your thoughts stick in their minds well after they have left the room.

There is no doubt that people who can present information in a engaging and thought provoking way have great influence if you want to learn the process for developing this influence and create more professional and personal opportunities then this is the course for you.

Along with the xx hours of video you will work alongside the lectures developing your own presentation, we have loads of extra resources and at the end of the course we will challenge you to a quiz and we also offer free critique on your presentation structure and video presentation.  

So join us in learning the Art of Presenting.

At the end of this course, students will be able to

Create and deliver presentations to be proud of

Manage public speaking nerves.

Increase you influencing skills by communicating the right message in the right way.

Be noticed as a potential leader by management.

Provide learning experiences for adult audiences.